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·   Strong problem solver

·   Numerical Analysis

·   Programming

·   Excel spreadsheets

·   Team building

·   Time management

·   Curriculum creation

·   Academic publication

·   Research writing

·   Progress reporting

·   Research and analysis

·   Learning management interfaces

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Web Design Expert 

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Web Developer Qatar

·   Maintained positive working relationship with fellow staff and management.

·   Assisted organizational efforts by filing, entering data and answering phones.

·   Managed provider calendars by adding new appointments and rebooking patients to accommodate last-minute schedule changes.

·   Wrote reports and correspondence from dictation and handwritten notes to streamline operational planning.

·   Worked successfully with diverse group of coworkers to accomplish goals and address issues related to our products and services.

·   Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements, develop solutions and meet deadlines.

Work Done in Past 
  • A web designer works @ carmatec Qatar a Web designing company that We specialize in Web Design Dubai, Web Development, Internet Marketing, SEO services, Mobile app development, IOT services. Carmatec is a leading digital transformation agency with 14+ years of expertise in Designing and developing successful applications for web and mobile for various startups, SMEs & Enterprise.
My Top Skills 

Organized web design professional offers web design and marketing services to all the business as per their requirements Skilled in sparking thought-provoking discussions to increase business participation and boost information retention. Brings 10 years of web developmemnt &b marketing experience and strong sense of academic integrity.

Have a riddle: you smile to it, it is for you to smile; You cry, it to you cry - what is this?

People guess: this is a mirror! But the set indifferent of answer: this is life.

For seat is surprised! But he came other wonderful kan: morosely see life, life must be even when you are sad; Bright and clear optimistically see life, life must be sunny.